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Before we knew about such things as special interests, Pudding had a special interest. Her name was Upsy-Daisy. Anyone who has been to England in the last few years is familiar with Upsy-Daisy and the other protagonists from “In the Night Garden” a TV show by the creators of The Teletubbies. I don’t know why it never crossed the Atlantic, but back in England with the under-five set it is hugely popular.

Pudding visited England for the Christmas right after she turned two, and my parents bought her In the Night Garden gifts galore: books, a dress-up costume, and talking toys. She was spoiled like an only grandchild living abroad with an easily indulged obsession The talking and singing Upsy-Daisy doll was her instant favourite, and she travelled with us to Spain, Germany, France, and Belgium.
When it came time for us to move, we had tough choices to make. Spectrummy Daddy needed language training, so after a month of Home Leave, we would spend 3 months in the DC metro area, or so we thought. With a 2 month-old baby’s needs to consider, as well as taking clothing for high temperatures and high altitude essentials, we found packing to be tough.

I did the unthinkable- I let Upsy-Daisy get packed out, we wouldn’t see her again for more than 4 months. The first time Pudding asked me where she was, I knew I’d made a mistake, but there was nothing I could do about it.

I’ve written previously about how Pudding reacted to that move, and the new baby. I kept telling myself how much happier she would feel when all the comforts from home were returned.

Almost exactly a year ago we received our shipment of belongings. I went through box after box looking for Upsy-Daisy. I finally found her and joyfully presented her to Pudding, anticipating the happy reunion.  I was so looking forward to finally being able to make something right with my girl.

Pudding screamed. She covered her eyes, and yelled “no” repeatedly. She only calmed down when I put her away again.  There was that familiar ache in my heart, trying so hard to make her world better, and failing spectacularly as a result.  It is hard not being able to understand your child, it is even harder not being to help them.  Upsy-Daisy remained with her other toys, but was never played with for a year.  Then one day we were looking at old pictures and she saw this one:

She asked to watch the DVD.  Then she looked through her book.  She started wearing the costume again, and finally last week was the much anticipated (by us) return of Upsy-Daisy!  Because there are never any half-measures with Pudding- she is back in a big way.  She insists on having her with her every waking hour (strangely she is not one of her bed-fellows) and throws a tantrum when I don’t allow her to go to school with her.

Her new favourite thing to do is watch the above YouTube clip of the doll while holding the doll at the same time.  It is like a weird post-modernist piece of performance art, which might be the best description I could ever come up with for life with our girl.  Oh yes, Upsy-Daisy is back, and given the smile on her face these last couple of weeks- so is Pudding!

Written by Spectrummy Mummy

September 24, 2010 at 6:55 am

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  1. Upsy Daisy here I come,I’m the only Upsy one!I’m the only Daisy too,Ipsy, Upsy, Daisy Doo

    Yes- my name is Igglepiggle,Igglepiggle,wiggle,niggle,diggle! Yes- my name is Igglepiggle,Igglepiggle,niggle,wiggle, woo!

    Personally I relate to Makka Pakka, Just love the idea of that cave and all those lovely smooth stones. Now I’m older…lol
    It’s a good job I work with little kids really…..they seem to understand me.
    I have 2 nephews who are obsessed with this show and vacuum cleaners. Plus I just love Ragdoll Production been watching them for years.
    Sorry you caught me on a BARMY day. Love and hugs to Pudding. xxx
    These sites have got some really good stuff on them, from the UK. My *CAL is always on the first one.


    September 24, 2010 at 9:19 am

  2. That’s awesome that Upsy-Daisy and Pudding are happily reunited! Also wanted to say thanks for the comment…and where is fall already? This heat is crazy! Hope you guys have a great weekend!


    September 24, 2010 at 10:03 am

    • Seriously fed up of the heat, humidity and mosquitoes. Why is DC not a differential post?! Have a great weekend too!


      September 24, 2010 at 11:26 am

  3. […] share though.  Most toys are for sharing, only a couple of special ones, like Sleeping Beauty or Upsy-Daisy are just for Pudding.  The trouble is, Cubby just doesn’t get that.  He tried to take them […]

  4. […] at the time of purchase, there was no Sesame Street or Ernie for Pudding, she was enthralled with Upsy-Daisy again.  My parents bought another doll to replace the one she carried everywhere with her, and she […]

  5. […] there you have it.  She threw Ernie out of bed, but then reluctantly took both him and Upsy-Daisy.  Reminding us all the while that, in fact, Abby was the one she wanted, and I should go to the […]

  6. […] Abby Cadabby, Ernie, around the time of Bashful, but after Upsy-Daisy, there was Sleeping Beauty and all the Disney Princesses.  She still likes Disney Princesses to […]

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