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Autistics Speaking Day

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Today is Autistics Speaking Day.  Autistics Speaking Day is about speaking out and being heard all over the world.  Please click >here< to find the collection of posts by advocates and allies at The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.

As an ally, I’m taking a day off from writing a post to share my collection of Facebook updates featuring the inimitable Pudding.  If this isn’t enough, <here> is another post featuring the language of our resident Aspie.  My wish is that one day she’ll be a proud advocate and member of a collective who won’t be silenced.  Until then, I still think she has much to say…

  • Pudding has a crush on an older boy at school. Merely mentioning his name makes her cover her eyes, coyly. I asked her what he is like to figure out her type.
    “He is like babies, with a Hello Kitty head.”
  • Making toast for breakfast, I ask Pudding if she wants jam. She doesn’t. To clarify things…
    Me: Do you just want butter?
    Pudding: No, I want toast and butter.
  • Following a paint incident, I let Pudding wallow in the bath as long as she needed. After half an hour, I asked her if she was a mermaid. “No, Mummy, I’m a girl….and a fairy.”
  • I forgot how many toys the kids have. WAY too many now that they’re sharing a room and we don’t have a basement. A local orphanage will shortly receive a very big donation.
    Me: Pudding, do you like having all your toys back?
    Pudding: Yes….What is Santa going to bring?
  • Pudding: “Ooh, my hair is all windy.”
  • Daddy: Pudding, what did you do at school today?
    Pudding: No!
    Dadddy: No is not an answer.
    Pudding: Yes?
  • Pudding: “The sky is very high, Daddy.”
  • Me: Kids, put your toys away.
    No response.
    Me: I’m running out of patience.
    Pudding: You need to get some from the store.
  • Me: We have to think about what you’re going to wear to school tomorrow.
    Pudding: Clothes.
  • Last night Pudding was coughing and sneezing.
    Me: Are you sick?
    Pudding: No, I’m not sick.
    Me: Have you got a cold?
    Pudding: No….I’ve got a warm.
  • Pudding was “driving” around the house with the GPS (that I mentioned in yesterday’s post). She came to sit down next to me and said: “You have reached your destination.”
  • “Goodnight Mummy, see you on next tomorrow.”
  • Me: Do you like your new Hello Kitty bubble bath?
    Pudding: Yes, it smells like cats!
  • I bought a buttercup cake pan this weekend, and Pudding was so enthralled that she made up a story for it. Here it is word for word: “One day Mummy made a flower cake. The End.”
  • Pudding on the royal wedding: That’s not a princess. Turn it off! Want to watch Sesame Street!
  • Me: Tomorrow is Easter.Pudding: Shall we make a birthday card for Easter?
  • Me: Pudding, what are you doing?
    (Sound of water being poured)
    Me: Don’t tell me that you’re pouring again!
    Pudding: I’m not pouring…

>Here< is the post I wrote last year about the importance of social networking, speaking out and being heard.

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November 1, 2011 at 1:40 pm