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Fashionista, revisited

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You must admit, she wears it well.

Earlier this week I reposted my Fashionista post, for an activity at The King and I, where a group of bloggers shared their first ever posts.  For some people, they’d been writing for some time and lots has changed since that first post, but I only started blogging in July, so not much has changed for me.  I still write most of the time about a girl I call Pudding, and she still likes to wear dresses, most of the time.  She particularly likes wearing nightgowns to bed, and has been known to hold her most epic meltdowns over this issue.

We came back from Florida and it was noticeably colder than when we left.  Below freezing cold.  Snow on the ground cold.  Cold to me, and I’m from the north of England, cold.  Cold, then.  Nightdresses aren’t such a good idea.  They were fine in Florida, but when we got back, it was time to take a stand, I said.  We put pyjamas on her.  She got angry.  She told us she didn’t want to wear them, she wanted to wear a nightgown.  We stood firm.

Then, she did it.  By herself, she came up with a solution.  She asked to wear her nightgown on top. Okay, we said.  A compromise.    A negotiation where both sides work together to get what they want.  A taste of what the future might hold for us.  Pudding joining our team, instead of fighting us.  I like it a lot.

And wouldn’t you know?  She rocked that look!  It kind of makes me want to do it as well.  You’ll be seeing this look again, people, but remember where it all began.  A fashionista then, and a fashionista now.  The more she changes, the more she stays the same.

Written by Spectrummy Mummy

December 23, 2010 at 7:06 am