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You know it is going to be a good day when….

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Earlier this week, in my usual miserable morning mood, I almost invented a very bad game, along the lines of, “you know it is going to be a bad day when…”  Like many terrible ideas though, it turns out the exact opposite is pretty good.  Tell me in the comments how you know it is going to be a good day.

I’ll start you off:

You know it is going to be a good day when….

Spectrummy Daddy brought me a perfect cup of tea as ordained in our spoken contract of marriage, even though he is exhausted from not spending the night in his own bed.  And today he did not accidentally put vanilla soy milk in it, so I could actually drink it.

Pudding walked up the stairs on the school bus with alternating feet, and then put on her seat belt all by herself.

Cubby ate all his yoghurt before calling for Elmo.  He used a spoon for some of that.

Cubby asked for a piece of Pudding’s cereal, and she gave it to him without my having to repeat the request.

Of course, there could have been some things that fell in my previous category, but today I’m going to focus on it being a good day.  I might just be right about it.

Now, in the comments, tell me all about you good day….

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November 18, 2010 at 8:44 am

Sibling Rivalry

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I am so excited to write my first post about sibling rivalry!  Yes, we have it in our house!  Our atypical kids have the beginnings of an all too typical relationship, and it makes me happy.  You can’t give one something without giving it to the other.  And one always wants what the other has.  Isn’t that so….normal, for want of a better word?  To be jealous of someone, you need to be paying attention.  You need to acknowledge their existence.  You need to come out of your own world, and recognize that there are other people sharing your world with you.

In the beginning, Pudding was quite open to the idea of a baby brother, or so we thought.  It turns out when we would ask if she was happy, we were getting an echolaic response.  We took it for granted anyway.  As she got more and more anxious, it became pretty clear that baby screams are not pleasant to her ears.  I hardly blame her for tuning out more and more.  Babies, I’m the first to admit, are pretty rubbish.  They are takers, not givers, and that doesn’t sit well with a 2 year-old, or a 3 year-old for that matter.  You aren’t ever allowed to punish the baby for taking toys and parents away, which is just not fair.

Still, they do grow up.  They start to get interesting.  They can say your name, and they find you very funny  You can get in trouble together!  Suddenly mummy and daddy aren’t sure who smeared the toothpaste everywhere, or deliberately poured the soy milk on the carpet, or used markers on the sofa (all today, before 7am).  And in that uncertainty, lies the benefit of the doubt.  Kids with pragmatic speech delays are excellent at pleading the 5th.  Having a little brother is not so bad.

If only you didn’t have to share though.  Most toys are for sharing, only a couple of special ones, like Sleeping Beauty or Upsy-Daisy are just for Pudding.  The trouble is, Cubby just doesn’t get that.  He tried to take them all.the.time.  In fact, it seems like he only wants the things because he can’t have them.  His special interests are boy things like trains and trucks (try telling me this boy doesn’t have an ASD) not girl things like dolls and princesses.  Rubbish.


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Enter Elmo.  That cute, red muppet with pronoun problems.  Cubby likes him.  Of course he does, he is an American toddler living in America.  It is in his contract.  Deciding to capitalize on this, yesterday I purchased an inexpensive stuffed Elmo.  For some reason, Cubby also decided he needed a bucket to live in, not sure why, but I know better than to argue over a $1 pail in the middle of Target.  Pudding was initially disappointed with the new addition to the household.  He doesn’t sing, or move, or talk, like so many of the other toys here.  She told me it was broken and I should fix it.  Cubby was happy enough with him though, which was the whole point.  She can play with her Upsy-Daisy, and he can play with Elmo.  Simple.

I know, I know, nothing is ever simple- I’m a fool for thinking so!  Overnight, Elmo became a highly-prized treasure.  He is the most emotional being in this house (quite a feat when we are all feeling so highly-strung) and Pudding is verbalizing how happy/sad/sleepy/hungry Elmo is.  Can I say that again?  Pudding is verbalizing how happy/sad/sleepy/hungry Elmo is. Erm, yes, we’d like to encourage that.  So, we do the old switcharoo, and let her have Elmo, and Cubby took Upsy-Daisy (just Daisy to Cubby, they’re on good terms).  That wasn’t agreeable to Her Royal Highness though, and we quickly had to do a trade before blood was spilled.

I might (frequently) complain about how difficult it is to raise two only children as brother and sister, but for the way it forces them to grow and interact, it is worth it.  Feel free to remind me of this post by Monday, when I’ll have done an about-turn on this opinion.  But for now, I’ll take some sibling rivalry, though I’d rather not experience a Mexican stand-off at 6 am!

Written by Spectrummy Mummy

October 1, 2010 at 7:28 am