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Fashionista, revisited

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You must admit, she wears it well.

Earlier this week I reposted my Fashionista post, for an activity at The King and I, where a group of bloggers shared their first ever posts.  For some people, they’d been writing for some time and lots has changed since that first post, but I only started blogging in July, so not much has changed for me.  I still write most of the time about a girl I call Pudding, and she still likes to wear dresses, most of the time.  She particularly likes wearing nightgowns to bed, and has been known to hold her most epic meltdowns over this issue.

We came back from Florida and it was noticeably colder than when we left.  Below freezing cold.  Snow on the ground cold.  Cold to me, and I’m from the north of England, cold.  Cold, then.  Nightdresses aren’t such a good idea.  They were fine in Florida, but when we got back, it was time to take a stand, I said.  We put pyjamas on her.  She got angry.  She told us she didn’t want to wear them, she wanted to wear a nightgown.  We stood firm.

Then, she did it.  By herself, she came up with a solution.  She asked to wear her nightgown on top. Okay, we said.  A compromise.    A negotiation where both sides work together to get what they want.  A taste of what the future might hold for us.  Pudding joining our team, instead of fighting us.  I like it a lot.

And wouldn’t you know?  She rocked that look!  It kind of makes me want to do it as well.  You’ll be seeing this look again, people, but remember where it all began.  A fashionista then, and a fashionista now.  The more she changes, the more she stays the same.

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December 23, 2010 at 7:06 am


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Pudding at the park in her dress. Definitely not a romper.

Pudding is a fashionista.  What makes me so sure?  Well, for starters, if you ask her what she is, she’ll undoubtedly reply, “I’m a fashionista.”

There is also the fact that she is incredibly picky about what she wears.  These days, she will only wear dresses.  The only attire for any occasion, big or small, is a dress.  It isn’t a sensory thing.  Her choices vary from scratchy materials, to soft and velvety, form-fitting and loose and flowing.  It isn’t a colour thing.  She usually likes pink, but there is a pink dress hanging in her wardrobe that she is yet to wear, despite pink being her favourite colour.  It isn’t a heat thing.  While we are currently baking in the hot humid swampland that is the DC-metro area, she carries the dress thing on right through the seasons.  Fortunately, she can be persuaded to wear tights and leggings in the winter.

So yes, the kid likes dresses.  We are told to not let her fixate and obsess too much though, and try and mix things up with her a little so she doesn’t become too reliant on routines and upset when things don’t go her way (ha!).

This morning we were planning a trip to her favourite playground, wonderful place named Clemyjontri park that has been designed so that all kids of all abilities can play together.  Partly by design, and partly because I’m lazy, she was down to just the one dress hanging in the wardrobe- the aforementioned pink one that she won’t wear.  I gave it to her- cue tantrum.  I left to resume getting ready and so that she could work out her next move.  Spectrummy Daddy decided to help by putting the pink dress on her- cue bigger tantrum.  I convinced him that leaving her to solve the problem would be more beneficial.  Moments later she entered our room carrying the dress she had worn yesterday.  My rebuttal that she couldn’t wear dirty clothes to go out was met with bitter snarling eventual acceptance.  No, she would not wear a skirt, no she would not wear shorts.  No to every garment she encountered.  Until she came across a flower romper Spectrummy Daddy bought when we had a garment emergency (because fashionistas have those) due to carsickness.  I held my breath as she got dressed.  Maybe we would get out of the house today.  Spectrummy Daddy was overjoyed- exclaiming, “Pudding’s got a romper on!”  before my don’t-say-a-word look could register.  Immediately and most articulately she replied, “That’s. A. Dress.”

So once again the fashionista got to wear a dress, and you’d better not say otherwise.

That is all I have to write for now.  Tomorrow is a school day, which means I have laundry to do!

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July 19, 2010 at 12:17 am