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Seven Keys to Unlock Autism: Review and Giveaway

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Elaine Hall is the founder of The Miracle Project, an acclaimed arts program for children with autism and other special needs which was featured in the EMMY Award-winning documentary, Autism: The Musical. Together with Executive Director, Diane Isaacs, we are introduced to the training program they developed for The Miracle Project to teach the techniques necessary to reach and teach children on the autism spectrum.

Hall and Isaacs, both mothers of children on the autism spectrum, acknowledge what many parents learn the hard way- to effectively engage with our children, we must develop the skills within ourselves to facilitate interaction through a child-led approach, focusing on the unique skills and talents of the individual, and understanding of sensory needs. Seven Keys to Unlock Autism breaks down these skills into self-guided exercises, together with real-life examples of using each key in a ‘locked’ situation to facilitate genuine inclusion.

The book also comes complete with a DVD featuring experts such as Stephen Shore, Alex Plank, Barry Prizant and the late Dr. Stanley Greenspan discussing how these methods can be used to develop educators and care providers with the necessary skills to enhance the communicative and social skills of children on the autism spectrum.

This work would be essential for a child moving into a mainstreaming situation, particularly if the teacher or facilitator was inexperienced with autism. Indeed, even educators with several years experience would find this an incredibly useful tool if they needed an alternative and creative approach to establishing a relationship with a child for whom other methods have failed.

As we are considering moving Pudding to a mainstream classroom for the first time, I won’t hesitate to give a copy of this book to those entrusted with her education. Without an open-minded appreciation of the different ways our daughter learns and develops, any efforts at effectively building a learning relationship with her will be stalled. This is an excellent guide to supporting a miracle in the classroom.

Here is the best part for you: I have three copies of Seven Keys to Unlock Autism to give away*. To take part, please leave a comment telling us about the miracle in your life, and be sure to “like” my Facebook page where I will be announcing the winners at the end of the week.  ***Giveaway now over, all prizes have been claimed.***

Seven Keys to Unlock Autism by Elaine Hall and Diane Isaacs is published by Jossey-Bass and is available now for purchase.

*Apologies to my international readers, due to shipping restrictions, only those with a valid US, APO or DPO postal address can take part in this giveaway.

Written by Spectrummy Mummy

May 3, 2012 at 11:37 am