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Short and Curlies

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Yesterday afternoon the area we live in was on Tornado Watch.  I thought that was very dramatic, having never lived in a tornado-prone area before, so I canceled Pudding’s speech therapy session and called her school to find out what would happen.  It turns out that a watch is really nothing at all, unlike a Tornado Warning.  Still, it was nice not to have to drive on the highway in the pouring rain.  The downside, of course, was that both kids were stuck inside all afternoon.

I have a cold (who says my kids are bad at sharing?) so my good humour soon evaporated.  The kids took advantage of my weakened state in the way that only a preschooler and toddler can.  By the time my husband returned from work, our home did indeed look like an indoor tornado had hit.  I met him at the door, grim-faced.  I let him know that had he not already taken measures to ensure no more children, I’d have done the job there and then.

Now I wonder if Pudding heard me.

For Christmas, my parents bought the kids an indoor swing and trapeze bar that mounts in the doorway.  It is a great way to get some extra vestibular input, and we’ve used it every day.  The trapeze bar actually takes both parents to assist at the moment, she just isn’t strong or secure enough to do it alone.  Daddy lifts her up over the bar, and I hold her legs as she swings.  That is the theory, anyway.  What usually happens, is that Pudding continues holding onto Daddy until she feels secure.

Last night, she grabbed onto Daddy in a very wrong place, and wouldn’t let go.  I was already holding her legs, and couldn’t let go without her dropping to the ground, taking whatever was in her hands with her.  He tried to get her to release, but this only caused her to hold on tighter.  In falsetto, he begged her to let go.  I did the most helpful thing I could in the situation- giggle mercilessly.  Eventually he managed to extract himself from her grasp, some time later I stopped laughing.

I love my family, they’ll go to any lengths to put a smile on my face after a trying day.


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Written by Spectrummy Mummy

March 1, 2011 at 7:04 am