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That Was 2011

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Well, last year was kind of a big deal for our family.  It felt a lot like we got derailed for a couple of years and we finally got ourselves back on track.  This was how I documented it on Spectrummy Mummy…

January began by receiving official notification of Spectrummy Daddy’s next assignment.  Spoiler alert- it was to Johannesburg.  I drank lots of cups of tea, and figured out the purpose of Time Out.  Over at Hopeful Parents I tackled the idea of Mother Wars…I’m definitely no Tiger Mother, apart from when I have to be.

In February there was even more tea, but this time it was going cold.  Pudding began playing Jedi mind tricks on us, and I mused about how it might be to see things through her eyes.  I got a little more political than I intended.  I learned from Pudding that I too needed a little perspective.

By March, Cubby was chatting up a storm, and we celebrate his birthday.  Pudding went swimming with Miss Arizona.  We had a Yes Day, which is the perfect relief from all those Paper Cuts.

April was all about Autism Awareness, of course.  We even went to ask The President to Light It Up Blue.  It was full of highs like Pudding beginning to write, and the lows of anxiety.  I had that revelation that my behaviour is communication.  Some of those days I’d be glad to forget.  I got the chance to tell Parents that the 1 child in 110 is mine, and I’m incredibly grateful for her.

In May I got to meet my friend Alysia from Try Defying Gravity in Boston.  I also met Varda from The Squashed Bologna, and that month on her blog I discussed how my two saplings are growing together.  Pudding racked up another three diagnoses.   Over at About.com I talked about being an Autism Mother.  I found that I was Somebody.

By June I was having Flashbacks, which means it must be getting close to moving time.  I said I’m sorry– I’m thinking of having this made into a form so I can quickly email it out in future.  I became a realist, and developed a whole new vocabulary at The SPD Blogger Network.  Most of all, I wondered why my family was so invisible.

In July, we found that concessions could be a piece of cake…but it will only lead to feeling guilty.  Pudding had her last day at preschool, and I learned that the grass is always greener.  In my spare time, I conducted physics experiments.

August, we…erm…moved.  Far.  You can read about the Journey here, and the destination here.  I found that our new community was something of a safe heaven for all of us.

September meant it was time for my Little Sheldon to become a preschooler, whether I was ready or not.   Meanwhile Pudding was planning ahead for Christmas.  I was running my own kind of marathon, contributing to a book, and I started an a-z series.  Phew!

In October we went to the goat’s cheese store.  Steve Jobs died, but left us an incredible legacy.  Just as we’re settling in to our new home, our marriage faces its toughest challenge yet.  I raised some awareness for SPD.

By November I ‘d done enough talking, and left it up to Pudding to take part in Autistics Speaking Day.  Pudding dealt with some pretty big emotions.  I got completely carried away with #youmightbeanautismparentif and said a prayer of thanks (apart from peanuts).

December can only mean one thing: Pudding’s birthday, and Christmas (yeah, I’m no good at counting).  Oh, and she ended the year by displaying her talents for hairdressing and telephone conversations.

You know, looking back on all that makes me realize exactly why I’m so exhausted- that was quite a year!  Thank you for spending it with us…I can’t wait to see what will happen next, and I hope you’ll join us too.

Written by Spectrummy Mummy

January 2, 2012 at 6:31 pm